Meet Coach Tony Barnes

Meet Coach Tony

 A battle-tested Veteran in more ways than one, Tony Barnes has developed sound disciplines and leadership methodologies as an Army Veteran. As a veteran Coach with nearly a decade of experience in the corporate sector, he has cultivated proven skills in transforming mindsets and behaviors. As a Minister, Tony speaks with clarity, confidence, and power—which leaves his audience inspired, encouraged, and revived!

Tony specializes in elevating a team’s performance in their professional and personal lives. His philosophy is built on three fundamental beliefs:

Transformation is an inside-out job. How we see, say, and shape our lives in our minds is how we manifest it.

Conquering our minds is the key to dominating our lives.

This philosophy shaped Tony's Do The Work book and Auxano Dojo coaching program—which has helped his clients dig deeper, go further faster toward their goals, accomplish their goals faster than ever before—and experience exponential growth and results!

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